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British PSA asks ‘Would you stop yourself?’

Mon, 10/18/2010 - 23:00 -- admin

We found a new interesting PSA that talks about teen dating abuse. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Would you stop yourself?

Do you think we’d consider our relationships differently if we could stand on the outside and look in? Is it possible to be critical about a relationship while you’re in it? Tell us your thoughts.

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Submitted by sarah (not verified) on

I believe couple counseling exists because it’s hard for people in relationships to see what the relationship actually looks like.

Submitted by nikie (not verified) on

i don’t believe we can be critical about our own relationships , because we are blinded by what we think is love when it’s really not. Yet we can be critical about other relationships just like ours.

Submitted by kstonebock (not verified) on

@Sarah @Nikie- you are both right. We have an extremely biased and skewed perspective when we’re the one IN the situation. Sarah, you bring up a good point that counseling, and asking for other people’s opinions, can help us understand what’s happening a bit clearer. Nickie, you’re right too- if we can recognize similar behaviors in others, it may help us see the truth of our relationships.

I think this conversation helps us think of what role a friend can play in an abusive situation. Both in terms of being a friend (voicing our concerns if we see someone we love in an abusive situation) and respecting a friend who might try to help us by saying something.

Thanks for your comments.