Ask An Advocate: Can Guys Be Abused?

Ask An Advocate: Can Guys Be Abused?

Hi. My brother is in a bad relationship. His girlfriend is always accusing him of cheating on her even though he’s not. He won’t tell me what’s happening most of the time, but I’m pretty sure she’s hit him before too. Can guys be abused too? And would you help him if he called you?

Yes, guys can experience abuse just like women. Abuse in relationships is not limited to any kind of classification, whether it be race, class, educational background, or gender. Although most resources are directed towards women that are being abused by men, the same resources can be used by men to determine if they are being abused by their partner. If a guy is being abused and does not recognize it, he can always take the relationship quiz located on the Know the Red Flags website. This quiz can help anyone to recognize some of the abusive behaviors they may be experiencing in their relationship. Also, anyone (of any gender) can always contact us by chat ( or phone (1-866-331-9474). Our advocates are trained to talk to young men and can discuss the signs, factors, and behaviors that constitute abuse in relationships. Advocates give the support and resources that men need to end the abuse occurring in their relationships.

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