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Why Can’t You Give Me Advice??

At loveisrespect, we talk to a lot of teens and young people who are struggling with relationship issues. They might be going through a breakup, wondering if they should stay with their partner, or they might be experiencing abuse. Our advocates are often asked for specific advice, or what they would do in the same situation. It’s totally understandable to want to be told exactly what to do or how to handle a situation, but at loveisrespect, we’re very intentional about not doing that. Here are a few reasons why:

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month teal ribbon on a wood background

It’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Did you know…

Every 98 seconds, another person experiences sexual assault. Women ages 18-24 are at the highest risk for sexual assault. We think this is totally unacceptable! (Statistics via RAINN.)

The high statistics for sexual assault and sexual violence continue to underscore the need for awareness and prevention work.

The good news is we can all help prevent sexual assault and sexual violence by raising awareness and providing education. And, the best way to prevent violence is to address its root causes and start shifting the social norms that perpetuate it. To do that, we need people from all backgrounds and communities to lift their voices and say “No More” to sexual assault!

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Teen DV Month: That’s a Wrap!

Another Teen DV Month has come and gone…but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking about dating violence!

This is an issue that affects people every day of the year. One in three teens will experience some form of dating abuse, and we think that’s one too many. So, what can you do now? We’re glad you asked!

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Let’s Talk About Respect + Sex: #teendvchat Wrap-Up

Last week, we hosted our second #teendvchat for Teen DV Month. We had an awesome conversation with our friends at Scarleteen about respectful sexual relationships, and lots of cool people and organizations (including Planned Parenthood!) jumped in to share their thoughts on what’s healthy and what’s not when it comes to sex. Check out the highlights of the chat below or on Storify, and read more about respect + sex in our recent blog post!

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Teen DV Month image love is respect in orange on a turquoise background with hearts

Love is Respect, Online and Off: #teendvchat Wrap-Up

In our first Twitter chat of Teen DV Month 2017, we teamed up with our friends at That’s Not Cool (a project of Futures Without Violence) to talk about respectful and disrespectful behavior online. Several folks and organizations joined in, and we had a great conversation about digital boundaries and what’s okay/not okay in a relationship. Check out the Storify below for some gems!

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It’s Our 10th Anniversary!

All of us at loveisrespect are psyched to be celebrating our 10th anniversary! Ten years ago today, loveisrespect advocates took their first calls, and we have grown so much since then.

Since loveisrespect was first established as a project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline (with support from Liz Claiborne, Inc.) in 2007, we have responded to more than 380,000 calls, chats and texts from young people, parents, teachers, friends and family members. In 2011, we launched the nation’s first text-for-help service for teens affected by dating abuse, with support from Mary Kay Inc. Vice President Joe Biden even visited our advocates to send the first text! Today, we continue to expand our outreach into communities across the United States and spread the message that Love Is Respect.

As we commemorate this milestone, we are so grateful to all of our supporters and partners who help make this work possible. We also want to thank the many brave survivors who have reached out to us over the years. Your strength, courage and kindness inspire us every day. Remember: we are always here for you!