“I’ll Behave, I Promise”

Adam later meets a girl named Tina at a bar. The two are shown flirting and Adam starts laying it on thick. He goes for a kiss but she ducks away, preventing him. When he asks her if she wants to go home with him, she seems reluctant and says no. He goads her, “I’ll behave, I promise.” She comes home with him, but Adam sneaks her into the house past Nany by pretending that Tina came with Leroy.

Once alone again, Tina and Adam are shown lying on the bed. He tries to get her to kiss him and she keeps saying no. He starts feeling her up and she moves his hand. He pushes her off of him and goes to his roommate Michael and tells him that if she’s not down to hook up then he’s kicking her out. When she doesn’t agree to getting physical, he asks his roommate, “Mike, will you do me a huge favor and kick that chick out?” and walks away.

LIR’s Take: When someone tries to use pressure, alcohol, drugs or force to have sexual contact with them, it’s called sexual coercion. We’re doing a blog post about it next week. It’s just wrong. No matter if you’re dating them, no matter if you’ve had sex before with them, you NEVER have to do something you don’t want to.