Make Valentine’s Day Plans With Us

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month — so it’s the perfect time to make a difference in your community.

Sound hard? Don’t worry, loveisrespect’s National Youth Advisory Board has made it easy! They’ve created the Respect Week 2014 Guide to help you through a week’s worth of activities from February 10-14. You can:

  • Wear Orange for Love: On Tuesday, February 11, we’re getting as many people as possible to wear #orange4love. Join our Facebook event and start promoting online. More details (include a cool flyer) are in the Guide!
  • Make the National Respect Announcement: Just by reading a few words over your school’s PA system, starting your club meeting with an announcement or posting flyers, you can connect someone who needs it to the peer advocates at loveisrespect. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than promoting healthy relationships?
  • Host a Table: We’ve got all the info you need to organize a successful event whether it’s hosting an interactive art event or just giving out flyers in the quad. Get the details in the Guide.
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