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Teen DV Month: That’s a Wrap!

Another Teen DV Month has come and gone…but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking about dating violence!

This is an issue that affects people every day of the year. One in three teens will experience some form of dating abuse, and we think that’s one too many. So, what can you do now? We’re glad you asked!

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Teen DV Month image love is respect in orange on a turquoise background with hearts

Let’s Talk About Respect + Sex: #teendvchat Wrap-Up

Last week, we hosted our second #teendvchat for Teen DV Month. We had an awesome conversation with our friends at Scarleteen about respectful sexual relationships, and lots of cool people and organizations (including Planned Parenthood!) jumped in to share their thoughts on what’s healthy and what’s not when it comes to sex. Check out the highlights of the chat below or on Storify, and read more about respect + sex in our recent blog post!

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Teen DV Month image love is respect in orange on a turquoise background with hearts

Love is Respect, Online and Off: #teendvchat Wrap-Up

In our first Twitter chat of Teen DV Month 2017, we teamed up with our friends at That’s Not Cool (a project of Futures Without Violence) to talk about respectful and disrespectful behavior online. Several folks and organizations joined in, and we had a great conversation about digital boundaries and what’s okay/not okay in a relationship. Check out the Storify below for some gems!

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“That’s So Disrespectful!”

By Anitra, loveisrespect youth organizer

“When you talk to other girls in front of me…”
“When you dress like you’re single…”
“You see me calling and don’t answer…”
“That’s so disrespectful!”
You’re so disrespectful!”

When speaking with people about their relationship experiences, one word I hear a lot is “disrespectful.” Disrespectful behavior can happen in any relationship, whether with someone we’re dating or a friend or family member. However, there are times when someone labels a behavior as disrespectful when it’s….not. Sometimes our ideas about what’s disrespectful are influenced by unrealistic expectations about our relationships, as well as feelings of jealousy, possessiveness or insecurity – which can all contribute to unhealthy or even abusive behavior. It’s okay to feel jealous or insecure at times (we all do!). But it’s never okay to use those feelings as excuses to control or isolate your partner.

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What is Respect in a Healthy Relationship?

People have a lot of different ideas about what the word “respect” means. Sometimes, it is used to mean admiration for someone important or inspirational to us. Other times, respect refers to deference towards a figure of authority, like a parent, relative, teacher, boss or even a police officer. In this context, it is presumed that respect should be given to those who have certain types of knowledge and power. And then other times, respect means upholding the basic right that every person has to make their own choices and feel safe in their own daily lives.

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Teen DV Month image love is respect in orange on a turquoise background with hearts

Get Involved During Teen DV Month!

It’s February, which means it’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (#teendvmonth)! Did you know that one in three young people experiences some form of dating violence? No one deserves to be abused, ever, for any reason, so it’s really important to shed light on this issue and let people know that everyone deserves a healthy relationship. With that in mind, our theme this year is: “Love Is…Respect!” We’ll be discussing what respect looks like (and what it doesn’t) in healthy relationships throughout the month, so be sure to check our blog often.

This Teen DV Month is extra special, because loveisrespect is celebrating its 10th anniversary! We are so grateful for all of our friends and partners who work with us to engage, educate and empower young people to build healthy relationships and end dating abuse. We hope you’ll join us and raise awareness in your school and community!

How Can You Get Involved?

There are lots of ways you can join the conversation and help raise awareness about dating violence! Mark your calendars for our events:

  • Feb. 8: “Love is Respect, Online and Off!” Twitter chat at 6:30 p.m. CT. Cohosted by That’s Not Cool! Follow #teendvchat to join.
  • Feb. 13-17: Respect Week! Download our Respect Week Guide on the Teen DV Month page for event and activity ideas.
  • Feb. 14: On Valentine’s Day, we wear #orange4love! Let us know you’ll be wearing orange on our Facebook event page, and be sure to share your pics with us!
  • Feb. 15: ”Let’s Talk About Respect + Sex, Baby” Twitter chat at 7 p.m. CT. Follow #teendvchat to join.
  • Feb. 17: National Respect Announcement. Join our Thunderclap and help spread the message that everyone deserves a healthy relationship!
  • Feb. 23: Join our webinar, “Teens Helping Teens: Empowering Young People to Support Each Other” at 3:30 p.m. CT. During this webinar, aimed at adult allies (educators, parents, programs, organizations), we’ll be discussing tips and strategies for empowering young people to support one another. Register here!

And, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr for updates and information to share with your friends and family!

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Love is Setting Boundaries: When Boundaries Aren’t Respected

For Teen DV Month, we’re talking about setting healthy boundaries in relationships. Today, we’re discussing what happens when boundaries aren’t respected.

In our previous post, we talked about how boundaries help you honor your own needs and feelings by defining what you are comfortable with and how you’d like to be treated by others. In a relationship, both people have the right to set their own boundaries AND have those boundaries respected, no matter what. But what happens if someone crosses a line? How do you deal with it? Here’s what to consider if…

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