Be a Part of Teen DV Month 2016!

We’re excited to kick off another Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (Teen DV Month) with all of you! This is a time for people all over the country to come together and raise awareness about the important issue of teen dating violence. After all, one in three teens will experience some form of abuse in a dating relationship, and we think that’s one too many.

Since part of our mission is to empower young people to build healthy relationships, this year we wanted to focus on a theme to help you do just that. Our theme for February is “Love is Setting Boundaries,” because so many people come to us with questions about boundaries! Why are boundaries so important in a relationship? Agreeing on and respecting each other’s boundaries make each partner feel safe and heard, which is so important for keeping a relationship healthy. You have the right to set your boundaries and have them respected at all times. We’ll be discussing boundaries in more detail as the month goes on, so be sure to check back here for more information.

Get in on the Action!

Mark your calendars for these Teen DV Month events!

  • Feb. 4Love = Boundaries Twitter chat at 2 p.m. CST/3 p.m. EST.
  • Feb. 8-12 – Respect Week, hosted by the National Youth Advisory Board. Download the Respect Week Guide for activity ideas, and share what you’re doing on social media using the hashtag #RespectWeek2016.
  • Feb. 9 – Wear Orange4Love! Get your friends and family to wear orange and show support for healthy relationships. Join our Facebook event, and post pics with the hashtag #orange4love.
  • Feb. 12 – Read the National Respect Announcement at your school or to your organization. Join our Thunderclap to help spread the message about healthy relationships on social media!
  • Feb. 18Looking Deeper at Boundaries Twitter Chat at 6 p.m. CST/7 p.m. EST.
  • Feb. 25 – Join loveisrespect and Break the Cycle for a webinar, “The New Normal,” which will explore current dating trends and cultural and social norms from a young person’s perspective. Register here!

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    • LIR-Advocate
      LIR-Advocate says:

      Hi Megan,

      So glad to hear you are involved in the movement! Feel free to get more ideas on raising awareness from our Get Involved page. Thanks for helping us stop dating abuse before it starts!

      Take care,
      Advocate GP

  1. LIR-Advocate
    LIR-Advocate says:

    Hi Summer!

    So glad to hear you are involved in the movement! Feel free to get more ideas on raising awareness from our “Get Involved” page! Keep spreading the word and thanks for being involved with our blog community!

    Advocate JL


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