Teen Uses Social Media to Document Her Abuse

Warning: photos in the linked article are graphic.

Back in February, 19-year-old aspiring model Mori Gabriella Montgomery’s boyfriend pushed her out of a moving vehicle and brutally attacked her, leaving her unconscious. In response, she posted pictures of her injuries to her Twitter account. She claimed that she was not trying to just get attention or pity from her followers, but rather because domestic violence is an “overlooked crime” she wanted to “put an end to the silence.”

 Now her story is gaining attention beyond Twitter and has reached several news outlets. Ms. Montgomery is very brave to go public about her experience, and since 1 in 10 high school students has been a victim of physical violence by a dating partner, she is giving voice to the many teens who have not been able to speak out. Social media can be a great tool for spreading awareness about important issues like dating violence and intimate partner violence. In this instance it was used to document real-life abuse and call out an abusive partner’s behavior.

We want to let people know it’s important to be careful when posting photos or sharing stories of their own abuse over social media. Doing this can provoke an abusive partner even further, and could make a situation more dangerous for the survivor. If you’ve experienced abuse, our advocates at loveisrespect can help you figure out other ways to document the abuse, contact local authorities, and create a plan to stay safe in the aftermath. Call us at 1-866-331-9474, chat online, or text “loveis” to 22522.

 We wish Ms. Montgomery a speedy recovery, and we definitely appreciate her efforts to raise awareness about dating violence.

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