When You See Something, Should You Say Something?

Think of a time when you’ve been a witness to violence. Maybe you’ve seen a couple in the hallway at school getting in a fight, with one of the partners yelling or looking like they’re about to physical with the other. It might have been something less overt, like overhearing someone make degrading comments about another classmate, or seeing someone text around a photo that probably shouldn’t be circulating.

What would you do? What did you do? As a bystander to any type of violence, or any situation making you uncomfortable, it can be really hard to figure out if you should get involved — we care about what others think, and it can feel like it’s not our place to say something. Sometimes depending on the situation, we just don’t know what would help.

On Tuesday evening, our very own loveisrespect Director Brian Pinero had a Google Hangout with Huffington Post Live to talk about what we should do as bystanders if we witness something. He was joined by Director of the Center for Progressive Development Douglas LaBier, Defense Attorney Matt Kaiser, and Austin, TX bar owner Leon Solimani.

Check out the video below to see what they had to say. What would you do if you saw something going on?

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