Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Mon, 10/05/2009 - 23:00 -- HolaKo

141October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and there are a ton of ways you can support the cause. We put together a list of cool things you can do this month to help spread awareness.

  • Put a purple ribbon up as your facebook/twitter/myspace profile pic to show your support for ending domestic violence.
  • Post a link on your profiles to to spread healthy dating awareness and let your friends know about the awesome resources we have if they ever need help.
  • Send anti-dating violence awareness mass texts to your friends.
  • Organize an anti-dating violence rally at your school.
  • Submit an article on teen dating violence awareness to your school newspaper.
  • Write a letter to get a Teen Dating Abuse curriculum in your school; has great info on the steps you need to take.
  • Create an anti-dating violence PSA and post it to your YouTube account.
  • Print out our Teen Dating Bill of Rights and post it around school (with permission from school officials).
  • Print out our quiz cards and hand them out at local events.
  • Create a LOVE Mashup and send it to your friends to promote healthy dating habits.
  • Create a project for It’s Time to Talk Day. is offering $250 Grants for your projects. Click here for more info.
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Submitted by Delaney (not verified) on

A beauty salon from my hometown is bring sponsored by the women’s criwas center for a findraiser for national domestic violence awareness month. I did some research found your website, and think it’s great! I have an ex-boyfriend who was abusive, and I have vowed to myself to never put up with that again! I got out before anything too serious could happen, thankfully, but I think about it and the fact that he was abusive was serious enough. I should have gotten out before I did. Now that I’m out, and in college, I’m majoring in social work and possibly minoring in women’s studies. I’m anti-abuse period! Great website!