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    Photograph of a group of students gathered around an assignment with a male teacher in the middle leaning over to talk with them

Did you know…

  • One in three adolescents is a victim of emotional, physical or sexual abuse from a dating partner?

  • Dating abuse affects around 1.5 million teens annually?

As an educator, mentor and role model to students, you can play a critical role in shaping the next generation’s attitudes and behaviors. Educators have the ability to help young people better understand healthy relationships and learn to recognize the signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationship. By leveraging classroom discussion, special projects and modeling the appropriate behaviors through words and actions, you can have a tremendous impact on how students grow to understand and appreciate safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

We created the toolkits on this page to provide guidance to middle school and high school educators who want to lead these discussions in their schools. These toolkits can be used on their own or as a supplement to a larger curriculum. It is our hope that you will feel free to use these guides because we believe that education is the key to preventing and end domestic violence and dating abuse.

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Middle School Educators Toolkit


High School Educators Toolkit