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How can I request loveisrepect print materials?

Thanks for your interest in spreading the word about dating abuse, healthy relationships and loveisrespect!

Unfortunately, we have limited resources and can’t send everyone all the materials they want. So if you can download and print our stuff yourself, please do! If not, simply fill out our material request form and we’ll be happy to mail out modest quantities of our materials.  Thanks for understanding and helping make sure everyone has the chance to participate!

I’d love to volunteer for loveisrespect.  How can I get involved?

The National Dating Abuse Helpline is located in Austin, TX and teens and young adults in the Austin area can click here to learn more about volunteering on the Helpline.  

For those not located in Austin, we recommend volunteering and raising awareness in your area.  Local domestic violence agencies are always looking for extra help.

Visit our Take Action page for ideas on how to raise awareness about dating abuse.  We've got some great resources and ideas for raising awareness at your school here:  In addition, we have materials that you can download and share with others:

How can I make a donation to loveisrespect?

Thanks for your support!  Click here to make a secure donation.  

How can I get involved through social media?

Click here to learn about ways to stay connected online.  

I have a question that’s not listed here. How can I contact loveisrespect?

You can contact loveisrespect through our chat services or through our toll free hotline. Please keep in mind these channels are intended for callers in crisis.

Who do a I contact for media requests?

Please click here for information about media contacts