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What You Didn’t Learn in School

Jun 10, 2014
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Of all the YouTube celebrities out there, Laci Green is one that is definitely worth knowing. She has 170+ video clips on topics like relationships, sex positivity and gender - full of open, honest answers to some of the most difficult questions. Her videos are fun, casual and completely non-judgemental.

Here is one highlight specifically related to healthy, respectful relationships:

*Note: The video above discusses sexuality and consent, which may be uncomfortable or triggering for some viewers.

Lexis Manzara
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Have You Been Abusive?

Jun 3, 2014
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can abusers changeHave you taken the Am I a Good Partner? quiz or read What is Abuse? and realized that the way you treat your partner is considered abusive? Recognizing that your behaviors are unhealthy and need to change is the first step toward building a healthy relationship, so congratulations on starting your journey. Moving forward, it is crucial that you accept responsibility for your actions and under no circumstances deny or minimize what you have done, or blame your partner for the abuse.

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What is Gaslighting?

May 28, 2014
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Gaslighting“You’re crazy - that never happened.”

“Are you sure? You tend to have a bad memory.”

“It’s all in your head.”

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend say things like this to you a lot? Do you often start questioning what’s really true – or even your own sanity – within your relationship? If so, your partner may be using what mental health professionals call “gaslighting.”