Meet the National Youth Advisory Board

Stephanie BradshawStephanie Bradshaw
Jacob BrickerJacob Bricker
Nicole DeSarioNicole DeSario
Sarina GuptaSarina Gupta
Trendha HunterTrendha Hunter
Antonia LetoAntonia Leto
Sarah PesiSarah Pesi
Katie PinkardKatie Pinkard
Allyanna PittmanAllyanna Pittman
Haylee ReayHaylee Reay
Karsyn RobbKarsyn Robb
Raul SanchezRaul Sanchez
Melissa SiegelMelissa Siegel
Joey SkavroneckJoey Skavroneck
Alyssa WehleAlyssa Wehle
Linda YoonLinda Yoon

What Are They Saying?

“My experience as a member of National Youth Advisory Board has been incredible and has changed my life as a young advocate of teen dating abuse, and domestic violence. The staff at the NDAH, BTC, and LIR are just incredible, I’ve had an almost entirely positive experience as a member of the NYAB. The first year has set a great prescedent for following years, and I know it will only continue getting better” -- Raul Sanchez, NYAB Interactive Committee Co-Lead & Executive Committee Member

“My experience on the National Youth Advisory has been eye-opening and rewarding. It made me more aware and informed about teen dating abuse and also it feels good to be working toward putting a stop and raising awareness around the issue” –- Sarah Pesi, NYAB Member

“I joined the board because i loved the prospect of devoted teens showing solidarity for an issue that does not receive enough national attention. This unity has only further pushed me to achieve my goals in my own community, raise awareness, and inspire change. The NYAB is comprised of a few young voices representing the views of many-that relationship abuse is an issue that youth care about and that needs to be addressed. We are the voices of the next generation that won't put up with the abuse and we will "be the ones to start talking” -- Nicole De Sario, NYAB Interactive Committee Co-Lead & Executive Committee Member