Shine All Night Tour tickets benefiting loveisrespect

Tue, 02/09/2010 - 23:00 -- HolaKo

This Valentine’s Day, share the love…and share the music! Martina McBride is teaming up with loveisrespect and Tickets-for-Charity to make some of the best seats in the house (and yes, we mean floor seats!) available to benefit loveisrespect for all dates on her Shine All Night Tour with Trace Adkins. Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister or best friend, here’s a great way to treat a loved one to an unforgettable performance with one of country music’s biggest stars! Visit Tickets-for-Charity to learn more and find fantastic seats in a city near you!

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I was once in an abusive relationship. Married my highschool sweetheart, though the sun rose and set in him. He kept me away from my family and continued to control me through a very long six and a half years of marraige. We lived with his mom and my parents had moved back to our hometown. I didn’t dare tell my mom for fear of “I told you so”. So I stayed in the relationship taking the emotional and physical abuse. I finnaly got the nerve up to realize if I could work and support the family without his help. I could do it on my own.There is so much more detail to my story but I just wanted to let you know the basics of it to help get the awareness out there to let yong and older girls know there is help out there ,and not to stay in an abusive relationship as I did. Please get help, and GET OUT!!!!