Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The purpose of the loveisrespect blog, Facebook page and Twitter account is to bring together survivors of dating violence, activists, young people and their friends and family to create a space where open discussion and sharing of information, thoughts and opinions can occur. We want this to be a safe, positive and uplifting experience, so please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting comments and interacting with others.

Safety and Privacy

Please refrain from posting any information that may identify you or another individual. Remember that our blog and social media channels are accessible by the general public, and anything you post can be seen by all visitors.

Posting information such as real names, addresses, email addresses and other identifiers should be avoided. Moderators may remove posts that include information deemed unsafe.

Because we care about your safety, if we are led through a link posted on our page to a third party site and we have seen that there is identifying or unsafe information posted on that site (as visible through the link on our Facebook page/through a tweet at us) we reserve the right to report this activity to the third party site operators as a social responsibility. For example: if you post a link on our Facebook wall that redirects us to YouTube where you have posted videos documenting your abuse, we will alert YouTube. This is done out of concern for your safety. Remember, an abuser has access to these channels as well. If you are unsure about what may be considered unsafe, side with caution and do not include it in your post. Please contact us instead and talk directly to an advocate.

Please refrain from giving advice in your comments on situations that can be life-threatening. Feel free to share information that might be helpful to others in the community, but avoid telling others what they should do, even if you are an advocate elsewhere. We have a comprehensive resources page where visitors can go to receive professional advice from experts and specialists. Safety is our utmost concern and we do not want individuals posting advice that is incorrect or may be unbeneficial.

Respect and Courtesy

Please refrain from verbally attacking others posting comments in the blog or the bloggers themselves. Do not name call, bully, harass anyone or make remarks that are racist, sexist, obscene or defamatory. Treat everyone with respect regardless of whether or not you agree with their views. If you disagree with a statement, feel free to speak your mind, but do so in a polite and respectful manner.

Please refrain from using obscenities in your posts. We want to respect everyone who participates in our online discussions. Posts with questionable language will be removed by moderators.

Topics and Discussion

Please try to stay on topic with your comments. Do not discuss issues that do not have anything to do with the particular blog, status or tweet that you are commenting on. Also, try to stay concise and to the point. Keep your comments clear and brief.

We will also delete comments or posts that openly endorse products or services that the National Domestic Violence Hotline/loveisrespect does not explicitly support. This also includes pages on Facebook, videos and photos. We want to make sure that our users are provided the support and positive messages they deserve.

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