5 Personal Wellness Resolutions

5 Personal Wellness Resolutions


When you ride in an airplane, the stewardess instructs that, in case of emergency, you should put your oxygen mask on first, and then help the person next to you. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have a much more difficult time caring for anyone else. Here are some things to keep in mind about your personal wellness as you start your new year.

  1. I will find at least one person that I trust. You are bound to encounter some sort of obstacle this year—whether it is with your friends, your parents or your relationship—and you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. Find someone who will listen without telling me what I should do or telling me that I am wrong. You wouldn’t want a friend to feel alone when he or she is afraid, so show myself the same compassion.
  2. Next time I find myself in a heated argument, I will not lose control of my temper. Instead, take a step back and do something to calm yourself down like drink a cold glass of water, take a shower or write down your feelings. When you are ready, revisit the issue with a clear and open mind. 
  3. I will take better care of my physical self. Get enough sleep so that you are not tired throughout the day. Eat better so that your body stays healthy. Do something physical every day (this doesn’t have to mean working out—you can take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to the mailbox instead of driving). This year, respect your body.
  4. When I’m feeling down, I will do something that makes me feel good. Beating yourself up even more won’t help you feel better, so find something that does. If you want to eat a large pizza and watch your favorite movie, make time for it. You deserve to make “you” time that no one else can control or interrupt.
  5. I will take control of my online self. Keep all of your passwords a secret and take the time to manage your privacy settings on your profiles. If a photo of you is tagged that you don’t want other people to see, untag yourself or ask the person who uploaded it to remove it or make it private. Don’t be afraid to use the block button or deactivate your Facebook when you log out so that no one can post on your page when I’m offline.

What other things can you do this year to take better care of yourself? Let us know in the comments.

*Photo courtesy of Toby Alter

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