A Special Harry Potter Post

A Special Harry Potter Post

Hi, Rachel here. Please excuse me for putting on my nerd hat (complete with flashing lights and NERD in huge letters) while I write this. I don’t know if you all knew this, but this internship is really just what I do to keep busy while I wait for my owl to come with an invitation to Hogwarts. (Does the Ministry of Magic have any openings for bloggers? You can pay me in butterbeer!) Anyway, we here at loveisrespect know a lot of you are seeing the movie tonight. Therefore, we wanted to take some time (cough, can someone please let us borrow Hermoine’s Time-Turner?) to educate you fellow muggles about the relationships in the popular series.

Here’s How an Advocate Views Harry Potter Relationships:

Harry and the Dursleys- Do we even need to say anything? These surrogate parents offer no support or validation for what Harry experienced. Going to a new school, dealing with the pressure of being the “Chosen One,” coming from a muggle lifestyle, having to make new friends—it’s safe to say Harry could have used all the support that anyone could offer when he was starting at Hogwarts. Conclusion: not good people to turn to for support if Harry needed to talk about healthy dating.

Harry and DumbledoreLuckily, Harry found a caring and supportive mentor in Professor Dumbledore. Dumbledore’s nurturing helped Harry accept the pressure he was under and become the hero we knew he would be. If we could drink some Felix Felicis (the luck potion from Professor Slughorn), we would try as hard as we could to get each of you a Professor Dumbledore. We would succeed, of course, because Felix Felicis never fails. Conclusion: Dumbledore was an awesome mentor (he modeled healthy relationships, except with his brother) and could show Harry how to respect his partner.

Harry and Ginny- Ah, the Romeo and Juliet of our time. Harry saving Ginny from Voldemort after she opened the Chamber of Secrets set things in motion for young Ginny and our hero to fall in love. We liked this relationship because Harry respected Ginny’s boundaries when he was living with the Weasleys and Ginny let Harry go when he needed to find the horcruxes. Supporting each other’s dreams and goals, especially when they include defeating He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, is definitely something we support. Conclusion: Ginny, the sassy youngest Weasley, enjoyed with Harry a healthy and happy relationship full of mutual respect – Gryffindors for the WIN!

Ron and Hermoine- These two could have definitely used a dosage of Veritaserum, (that’s truth serum for you who haven’t made it through your NEWT course yet). Since Jobberknoll feathers are incredibly difficult to secure, I feel like some straightforward communication between these two would do. Both were guilty of using other suitors to make the other person jealous, as well as hiding their feelings. They worked it out though, and found that the other possessed qualities that made them a happy couple. Hermoine brought the brains, Ron brought the comic relief and together, they fit. Conclusion: rocky at times, but this couple improved their communications with each other in order to move forward in their relationship.

Harry and Hermoine- The friendship and support between these two were one for the ages. It was Hermoine who supported Harry and Ron’s scheming by mastering the Polyjuice potion. When Hermoine cried because of Ron’s shenanigans, it was Harry who lent a shoulder to cry on. These two always defended each other against the dangers that they were always up against. Conclusion: both Harry and Hermoine were lucky to have each other in order discuss romantic interests and maniac wizards seeking world domination.

So for you, we wish:

No Dursleys in your life, a mentor who models healthy relationships and respect like Dumbledore, a partner as understanding as Ginny, friends as loyal as Hermoine and Ron, and no Death Eaters or People-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

What do you think of our list? What relationships did you find interesting? Are you headed to the midnight premier?

Just a reminder- be safe tonight if you are attending a midnight premiere. Have your Patronus ready if any dementors show up.

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