Amber of ‘Teen Mom’ Charged With Domestic Violence

Amber of ‘Teen Mom’ Charged With Domestic Violence

Fans of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ were shocked when in a September episode Amber Portwood physically assaulted her boyfriend and daughter’s father, Gary Shirley. Amber verbally abused Gary until it escalated into physical violence. Amber pushed, slapped and choked Gary as he tried to leave her apartment. The incident took place in front of the couple’s one year-old. She is now being charged with domestic violence felony charges as a result of her behavior on the show and other past incidents.

The investigation began seven weeks ago after MTV aired the video. According to an article on CNN.com, Amber faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000 if convicted. What’s more, according to E! Online, the camera crew present at the filming could similarly be charged with a misdemeanor for failing to intervene.

This clip from the Today Show gives you a good understanding of the situation if you’ve missed it (*note* this did air before Amber was officially charged):

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  1. This is complete crap! Amber needs to be held responsible for her actions and held accountable. What kind of mother, teen or not can do what shes done to gary in front of her child! If cps was smart theyd take that child and keep it away from amber until she can grow up and get her anger under control. Complete crap, something needs to be done to ensure the best interests and well being of the child.

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