Freaky Or Funny? You Tell Us

Freaky Or Funny? You Tell Us

Have you seen the latest Virgin Mobile/Android ad series, “Kelsey and Brad”? If you haven’t, they’re posted below, but here’s the gist: crazy girlfriend sits in tree or closet, stalking her potential new boyfriend. Eerily illuminated by the light filtering through the slated wood of the closet door or moonlight, this girl spastically checks her boyfriend Brad’s Flickr albums, his Facebook account, his Twitter stream and where he’s checked in on Foursquare. The commercial speaks to the low rates of Virgin Mobile’s latest call plan and then cuts quickly back to psycho hiding out just in time for her to say, “Crazy, right?”

Yes, Kelsey. Crazy.

Here’s our question – does this commercial make you laugh? From the font used, to the music playing, it’s clear that the marketers are referencing scary movies for a laugh. Yet we’re not the only one’s who find this campaign slightly… off.

In an AdFreak review, David Kiefaber shares:

“I don’t like where Virgin Mobile’s “Kelsey and Brad” series of ads is going, because there’s only one logical way for it to end. Now that Miss Crazy-Go-Nuts has set up shop in a tree outside Brad’s kitchen window and (in the second spot, after the jump) in one of his spacious closets, it won’t be long before they’re pulling a sheet over Brad’s body while Kelsey babbles on about being able to check his Flickr stream from the back of the squad car. Someone cast Brad in a New Balance commercial, so he can run the hell away from all this.”

What are your thoughts? Is this cute or creepy? Tell us in the poll below:

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  1. It is creepy, and disturbing, and all too real… While it is meant to be funny, it makes light of a real issue. What makes this upsetting to me is that it minimizes the real threat of potentially violent/dangerous women. People think that any man can easily defend himself against a woman, but because we are so trained not to be physical with women and there are often negative legal repercussions for merely defending ourselves against violence from women, men are often victims of violence and do not report it or the warning behaviors that precede it.

    When I was in high school, I had a young woman develop an unhealthy affection for me. It made me uncomfortable. When I tried to talk to my friends about it, they scoffed. The school counselor said he’d look into it, but I don’t think he took my concern seriously. After word got around that I was speaking about her, she confronted me. Luckily for me, all she did was make a scene, screaming at me about what a jerk I was and a fool. One of my friends who witnessed the exchange apologized to me for not taking me seriously. He said she had a crazy look in her eye and he thought she might actually physically attack me. I got off lucky.

    I appreciate the balanced view that LoveIsRespect presents, showing that no single gender has a greater propensity toward violence and that it is necessary for both parties to have respect in any relationship. And although I find these commercials disturbing, they may at least serve the purpose of getting people talking.

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