Inside the Advocate’s Studio: Kenny, Part 3

Inside the Advocate’s Studio: Kenny, Part 3

My nerves are on end as we reach the end of training, and I know that soon I will have to take that first call or chat or text. Even though I’m nervous, I know that I pretty much have all the skills and knowledge to take that huge step. The rest will come with the experience of answering phones and taking chats and texts.

The biggest thing I’ve learned since last time is that all sorts of people call loveisrespect looking for help. Sometimes people in unhealthy relationships don’t know that they are the abusive partner. Actions that may seem caring or worried can come off as clingy or protective. Abusers that call can find out how to make their relationship more comfortable for both partners and keep their relationship healthy.

There are even services called Battering Intervention & Prevention Programs(BIPPs) that abusers can go to and get help about their abusive tendencies. Friends and family members call looking for help for a loved one sometimes, which is so amazing. It’s really hopeful to try and find help for someone who may just be confused or turned down the wrong path.

Change is very real and is very possible. Relationships can change and people in them can change individually. In order for an abuser to change, it’s vital for them to take 100% responsibility for their actions in the past before they move on. People have to realize that abuse is never the victim’s fault, but the fault lies solely with the abuser’s choices.

I know this isn’t everything there is to learn. It’s impossible to teach any person everything there is to know about this subject. I just can’t wait to get on the lines and start helping people, despite my nervousness.

So help me out and help yourselves out by giving us a call, chat or text. There will be a trained peer advocate here to talk to all hours of the day, every day.

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