Jasmine V Releases Music Video About Dating Abuse

Jasmine V Releases Music Video About Dating Abuse

The talented Jasmine V has many titles — singer, actress, Bieber co-star, Twitter rockstar. Today she adds a new label — advocate. The 18 year old explores dating abuse in her new song “Didn’t Mean It.” Jasmine jasmine vovercame a negative relationship and is now using her voice to inform fans that they deserve respect. The music video is powerful. An abusive relationship escalates until one partner has to make a choice — should she stay or go?

We were lucky enough to talk about Jasmine about her new video. We were moved by her responses to our questions and think you will be too. Click here to watch the video.

What was the inspiration for video?

The inspiration for the video came from a personal situation that I’ve went through. I wanted to let other girls know that they’re not alone.

What is the meaning behind the song?

The song is basically about a girl in a relationship going through the same things over and over again and realizing it won’t ever change.

Why is dating abuse an issue that you’re interested in?

I’m interested in dating abuse because it’s something I thought I would never and experience in my life, and when I was in the situation I wanted to help other girls get out of it before its too late.

What does love mean to you?

Love is a hard word for me to really describe, because you can easily get confused when the same person that says they love you can also be the one to hurt you. Love is different for everyone, that’s why I turn to my family for love.

Why do you think healthy relationships are so important?

I think healthy relationships are important because no one deserves to be hurt under any circumstances.

Do you have any advice for teens who are going through an unhealthy relationship?

To anyone who is going through an unhealthy relationship I advice you to leave because it will only get worse. Soon enough the little things get bigger and once you give them an inch they will take a mile.

What emotions did you feel as you acted out this relationship in the video?

When I was filming the video so much emotion ran through my head because I was picturing everything and it was replaying in my head. It just hurt to know I was so naive and stayed in a horrible relationship as longjasmine v as I did.

What do you think makes a good relationship?

The key things that make a healthy relationship are trust and loyalty. Without that it won’t work.

What do you look for in a romantic partner?

The things I look for in a romantic partner is someone that loves me for me and won’t try to change me.

If you could talk to a survivor of dating abuse, what would you say?

If I could talk to a survivor of dating abuse, the first thing I would ask is, “What made you finally leave when you did?”

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