Love, Indubitably: A Look at Arrested Development Couples

Love, Indubitably: A Look at Arrested Development Couples

Arrested DevelopmentAfter seven years, the Bluths are back. We’re counting down the hours until the new Arrested Development season debuts and are as excited as Steve Holt at the sound of his name.

Just as there’s always money in the banana stand, there’s always an opportunity to have healthier relationships. With that in mind, we’re taking a hard look at our favorite AD couples to determine who has found something special and who is making a huge mistake.

Come on!

Lindsay & Tobias

Though a mutual interest in activism brought these two together, Lindsay and Tobias have experienced some rough times as a couple. Lindsay is less than supportive of Tobias’ dream of being an actor and she judges him for being a “never-nude.” Tobias tends to forget Lindsay and doesn’t talk to her before making major decisions, like buying a nightclub or taking expensive classes with Carl Weathers. When these two bond over shared interests, they grow closer as a couple. We hope they get back to their advocate roots and start being considerate of their partner’s needs and feelings.

Oscar & Lucile

Sure, Oscar is not Lucile’s actual husband (in fact, he’s her husband’s twin brother with more hair) but their love has staying power. Ignoring for a moment the glaring problem of cheating on a spouse with his twin, these two need to work on communication. When Lucille gets too clingy, Oscar leaves without a word to her. When Lucille is sick of Oscar, she too heads for the hills, hanging out at Michael’s house. We recommend that they work on telling each other how they really feel, respectfully. Oh, and resolving their weird love triangle.

George Michael & Ann

Dare we say that George Michael and Ann have the healthiest relationship of all the AD couples? Both support and encourage one another. After all, George Michael cheers Ann on throughout the Inner Beauty Pageant and attends her church and family outings. Ann in return plays in George Michael’s family softball game, stands by him through the fake funeral of his grandfather and even runs his campaign for student body president. These two go together like eggs and mayonnaise. Now if only his family would remember her…

Maggie Lizer & Cherith Cutestory

These two share a real romance founded on complete lies: Maggie isn’t blind or pregnant and Cherith Cutestory is Michael’s pirate lawyer alter ego. While the relationship was based in deception, there was a clear attraction. If they can work on being open and honest with one another, they may build the trust needed to have a healthy relationship.

Kitty & George Sr.

This was certainly not an affair to remember. George Sr. had a very unhealthy relationship with his obsessive secretary, Kitty. While he toyed with her feelings, she manipulated him to get what she wanted. She blackmailed George and his family in order to get attention, money and even the chance to have his baby. Kitty used power and control to get what she wanted, which signals major red flags for us.

These Arrested Development pairings are just some of the characters we can’t get enough of. Who is your favorite couple on Arrested Development? Is their love healthy or are there red flags? What mad cap pairings are you hoping for in season four?

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