Meet the Rad Men

Meet the Rad Men

Many of us here at www.loveisrespect.org are huge Mad Men fans and are thrilled that our favorite ad execs are finally back from the 17 month hiatus.

One reason Mad Men fascinates us is that we’re watching a period piece. We know what we’re seeing is set in the past, according to how things were back then, but we also can’t ignore how we, inpresent day, feel about the situations presented to us.

We can’t help but be angry when we see Joan’s fiance take advantage of her, we’re shocked when Betty slaps her children and we can’t believe they drank like that at work. As we talked about this dynamic — watching a show depicting relationships in the 1960s today, in 2012–  it got us thinking: maybe we should provide a modern context for what we’re seeing.

We don’t want to make the characters seem like villains. We want to talk about what life must have been like in Mad Men times. We want to discuss how gender roles determined how these characters acted, and how gender roles still tend to determine how we act. What does it mean to be a man or woman in the 1960s? What does it mean now?

We asked four smart dudes — Aaron, Kenny, Wade and Brian — in our office to tell us what they think when they see Mad Men scenes. We had fun making these videos. We hope you have fun joining this discussion.

Allow us to introduce you to… the Rad Men.


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