MTV Addresses Physical Fight on “Jersey Shore”

MTV Addresses Physical Fight on “Jersey Shore”

70x53You all may have heard the buzz about a horrible scene in an upcoming episode of MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore where a female gets punched by a male at the bar. Shocking footage of the incident has been circulating online and MTV has decided to run a domestic violence PSA after the episode airs.

loveisrespect CEO Sheryl Cates has also released a statement condoning MTV’s decision to air the scene. “We applaud MTV for partnering with us to provide resources and help to members of their audience who may be experiencing violence in their relationships or lives.”

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  1. Just so you guys know after they showed the footage a message appeared talking about how violence against woman is a crime. Did you forget about men? Violence against ANYONE is a crime. I just wanted woman to know too that you can’t just go and punch a man because you “think” you won’t get in trouble.

    That was a VERY sexist comment to make and I thought I should correct who ever put it there.
    P.S. I am only hiding my identity because the media would automatically think I’m some kind of jerk because I’m defending men and not woman when that would be completely wrong.


  2. you are absolutely right. violence against anyone, man or woman, girl or boy, is a crime. we didn’t create the psa! thanks for your feedback!

  3. That’s what’s up. People need to know what’s up I just watched that episode I still can’t get over that. Like really who hits a girl period but who hits a girl over some shots of they weren’t even yours man y’all need to watch our it ain’t right to hit a girl bottomline

  4. I am glad to see that this was addressed. This is a serious and growing issue all over the world. I will definitely be following future blogs.

  5. Since this organization deals with abusive dating relationships, there was no reason to become involved with the random drunken violence on Jersey Shore……….and where you after the girl vs. girl and guy vs. guy fights?

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