My Ex is Harassing Me on MySpace

My Ex is Harassing Me on MySpace

I broke up with my boyfriend and now he’s posting pictures of me naked on MySpace. He says he won’t stop until I get back together with him. What should I do?

When you break up with someone that has been abusive, they will often try to get you back by threatening or harassing you, or even by trying to humiliate and blackmail you. Trying to reason with someone who is doing things like this doesn’t usually work, and obviously getting back together with someone that has abused you would only make the situation better for the moment.

Setting your profile to private or deleting it might be one option. But while that may stop your ex from contacting you directly, it won’t stop him from writing or posting photos on his profile or harassing your friends.

MySpace has rules concerning what users can post and use their profiles for. Harassment, threats of physical harm and sexual exploitation (that would include posting photographs of you naked) are against the rules.

Here are some things you might try:

If there’s a possibility your ex may know the password to your profile, change it now. Make sure you new password is something they won’t easily guess.

Keep copies of any harassing messages, comments, or photos he sends to you or post on your profile or their own. Don’t respond to the messages. There’s no point.

Delete any comments or photos your ex has left on your profile. Ask your friends to remove any postings your ex leaves on their profiles about you.

Click the Report Abuse link at the bottom of his MySpace profile. Your ex will not know you have reported their profile. If your ex is harassing any of your friends, ask them to do the same.

Block your ex from viewing your profile and remove them from your friend list. Ask your friends to do the same.

If you have more questions or need more help, one of our peer advocates would be happy to talk to you. You can contact us by phone at 1-866-331-9474 (1-866 331-8453 TTY) or by chat at

*Several callers and chatters have contacted loveisrespect specifically asking about what to do when they’re being harassed by an ex on MySpace. This is an example of a question we’ve received. All calls and chats are anonymous and confidential.


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