New School Year Resolutions for You

New School Year Resolutions for You

It’s a new school year, and you may be brainstorming what you can do to make it the best year yet. We here at loveisrespect would like to help you with this by offering some ideas for possible new school year resolutions:

  • Take care of yourself. Balancing school with relationships, friends, work and extracurriculars can equal one very stressed out student. Take a deep breath and this year, make a resolution to put your own wellness first. Getting enough sleep, doing yoga, working out, taking weekly bubble baths, eating five servings of fruits and vegetables are all great ideas. Don’t try to do all of these, though. Just being mindful of your health this year.
  • Do something to end dating violence in your community. Too often, dating abuse is an issue that isn’t discussed, making victims feel powerless and alone. Try to educate your community by putting up posters, passing out lollipops with dating facts attached, put on a community screening of Reviving Ophelia or even just talk to your team, band, co-workers, troupe, etc. about what dating violence is and how to get help.
  • Find a trusted adult. Whether you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship or not, a nonjudgmental, supportive adult can be someone to ask for advice, to confide in and to help keep you safe if you are in a dangerous situation. We hope you have the best friends in the world, but a supportive adult can offer years, experience and an objective perspective to help you see your situation with a different perspective.
  • Negotiate a dating contract with yourself. No, we are not saying that you should date yourself. We here at loveisrespect just want all of you to have the best relationship you can, so we want you to think about what that means for you. Many times, people have a wish list of physical qualities, but not a wish list of what they want from the relationship (something fun and easy, more serious, a shoulder to lean on, etc). Think about what can work for you now and what you feel ready for.
  • Have a healthy relationship with the important people in your life. Whether this is your parents, best friend, pet, older brother, it is important to make sure that both of you feel heard and supported by the other. Take some time now to think about in what areas your relationship can improve.

Can you do them all? What do you think we are missing?

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  1. Great post. I graduated college just over a year ago, and when I came in I wish I had known that…
    1.) If you don’t want to use alcohol or other drugs, or you don’t want to use them as much/as often as other people, THAT IS OK and you DON’T have to do it to fit in- there’s this myth that once you start college the only way (or best way) to make friends and feel comfortable is to use alcohol heavily and frequently. In fact, there are plenty of students who don’t drink or use other drugs, or who use them rarely, or who drink in moderation. And most of all, “the ones that matter don’t care, and the ones that care don’t matter.” Chances are, if somebody (roommate, friend, partner, or potential partner) is pressuring you to do something you don’t want to, they aren’t worth trusting.
    2.) Alcohol is the most commonly used drug to facilitate sexual assault. While it is important to be aware of other drugs like “roofies” (Rophynol) that can be slipped into a drink, it is equally important to remember that even alcohol that hasn’t been drugged or tampered with still affects one’s ability to consent to sexual activity. But no matter what you drink, or how much, or with whom–unwanted sexual activity is NEVER YOUR FAULT and there are ways to get help if you have been assaulted or suspect you have been. It is also really important to think about how your actions impact others- is the person you are interested in, woman or man, too drunk to consent? Are you using alcohol to try and lower somebody’s boundaries? Using alcohol to incapacitate someone or taking advantage of somebody because they are too drunk/high to understand what’s going on is sexual assault.
    3.) You’re not a loser if you don’t go to every single party, and you’re not a loser if you study hard…or if you are struggling in your classes. You’re also not a loser if your clothes aren’t the cutest, you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or you’re not a professional skateboarder. Just enjoy college and have a well-rounded and fulfilling experience…and keep in mind that in theory it is a stepping stone to even greater things in your life, not just a 4-year long montage of crazy parties.
    4.) If you hate your major, switch out. Even if you’ve wanted to be a doctor/therapist/lawyer/fashion designer/economist/professional skateboarder since you were a kid. If it sucks, and you’re miserable, and you’re failing your labs, it’s not worth it. Find something you love and make it work.
    That was a long comment. Keep up the good work, Love Is Respect! I’m a public health grad student and I love reading this site, it’s so important!

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