New Study Looks at Lives of Boys that Abuse – Prevention Discussion

New Study Looks at Lives of Boys that Abuse – Prevention Discussion

A new study looks at the lives of boys that abuse their partners – read more about it at the UC Davis Health System website. While more research will need to be done, this study shows a connection between boys that abuse and troubles with home, school, and a peer group that encourages mistreatment of women and girls.

Whatever further studies clarify, clearly focusing on simple awareness of dating abuse isn’t enough. Prevention is equally important. The boys that participated in this study were already in groups for dating violence perpetration – these groups aren’t easily found in some areas. What about boys that want help and can’t find it? Our peer advocates struggle with this issue every day.

We hope these continuing studies might reveal some new ideas for prevention of dating abuse. If you have an idea, share it here. What do you can help when parents, schools, and friends aren’t?

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  1. This work is important – and helps fill in some blanks on an emerging body of work about the link between relationship abuse and unplanned pregnancies and STD’s.

    As many as two-thirds of adolescents who become pregnant were sexually or physically abused some time in their lives; And, some 25 to 50 percent of adolescent mothers experience partner violence before, during, or just after their pregnancy.

    Understanding more about what causes young men to become abusive, may help stem some of the results.

    Women are sharing their stories about relationship abuse and it’s effects at

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