No More Sexual Abuse

No More Sexual Abuse

At loveisrespect, we love to brag about our National Youth Advisory Board Members. They’re activists! They’re dreamers! And they’re going to change the world. To honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month our NYAB member Brittny Henderson told us exactly what she’d like to see “No More” of on her college campus.

So! It’s October and that means that it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! I am writing this blog with a theme of “no more,” and as you read it I want to know, what would you like to see no more of?

I am currently a student at a University in the state of Wisconsin and as I was walking around campus today I found myself wondering if I could change something about my school, what would it be? What would I like to see disappear from my campus?

Then it occurred to me that the thing I would want to “no more” of on my campus was something I couldn’t physically see at all. I would LOVE to see no more sexual assaults at my school.

In case you aren’t too familiar with it, here’s the definition of sexual assault: “an assault of a sexual nature on another person or any sexual act committed without consent.” And here are some statistics:

Each academic year, for every 5,000 female college students in the U.S., there are:

  • 146 sexual contacts by force or threat of force
  • 121 rapes by coercion
  • 97 rapes by force or threat of force
  • 80 attempted rapes by force or threat of force
  • And these numbers do not include the males in the U.S. that have been sexually assaulted

In my school alone it was reported that:

  • 24% of students have been sexually assaulted at least once before college
  • 12% of students have been sexually assaulted at least once during their college years
  • 59% of students who experienced sexual assault did not think they had ever been sexually assaulted

So why do I care? Yes, I have heard about anti-sexual assault programs and seen videos about it in health class, but I had never known anyone who had ever been affected by it. That is until last year.

The day I moved back to school last year I went to see one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen for months. She told me that over the summer she had been sexually assaulted. The news left me in shock because this sort of thing doesn’t really happen to people… right? Wrong.

Her assaulters were people that she knew for several years. People she trusted. And her assault did not happen at a party, it happened in her own home with her roommates in the same house. They never knew she was in trouble.

So what I would love to see no more of is sexual assault! Hopefully this blog gets you thinking, not only about sexual assault but also about what you would like to see no more of at your school. Have you thought of something yet? If so, what can you do so that everyone is able to see “no more” of that too?

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