No More Victim Blaming

No More Victim Blaming


The “No More” campaign is about taking a stand and demanding safety and respect for all. Our guest blogger today, Courtney C. from Muhlenberg College, does exactly that as she declares that no one should be seen as “deserving” to be violated because of how they dress or act. 

So I’m about to leave my house to get on the metro with my mom and she turns to me and says, “Is that what you’re wearing?” I had on jeans and a white tank top. It was the middle of summer and a sauna outside! I say, “Yea, why?” She tells me that I should cover up because there are creepy people who could try and rape me. Thanks for the heads up mom but, um, wouldn’t it be better to tell the hypothetical creepy person not to rape me?

A story breaks that a girl was sexually assaulted on campus and mixed in with gasps and shock are questions: “what was she wearing,” “how much did she have to drink,” “was she alone?” My question: those things matter why? So what if she was wearing a mini skirt, stumbling home from the college bar, alone. No one has the right to invade a girl’s space, put their hands on her or even shout “Hey baby!” from across the street.

Why is it that the messages out there are for people to not be victims? Why not for people not to be perpetrators of abuse? The media only tells you how to protect yourself from rape, like carry a whistle, don’t walk alone at night. But the messages aren’t out there telling people not to rape other people.

I want to see no more blaming victims of sexual assault for the abuse they suffered. My heart sinks for every girl who is afraid to come forward about her sexual assault because maybe she did have “one too many” that night. No one should ever have to worry that if someone hurts them that it was in any way their own fault or that they brought it upon themselves. No more is sexual assault the victim’s problem.

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