Out of Control

Out of Control

Now we flash forward to Adam out with his friends and housemates at a bar. Nany gets upset at finding out that her other crush had a girlfriend and starts flirting with Adam. Dustin is the first to get concerned.

“We are all screwed. This is about to blow up.”

He approaches Heather and asks her to intervene and to get Nany away from Adam. She’s reluctant but eventually agrees to pull Nany out of the situation. The girls leave, Adam looks upset and starts drinking heavily.

Adam gets so drunk that the group is thrown out of the bar. He comes home and starts destroying stuff, ripping lighting features from the wall and smashing bottles. Nany comes in to see him and he starts punching the walls, breaking picture frames off of the wall. Adam hugs Nany and stares at her. Nany tells him to chill and to lay down. While still holding her, he begins punching the wall above her head, leaving a bright red blood smear on the green paint.

LIR’s Take: Just because he didn’t hit her doesn’t mean this isn’t abuse. This was a move to intimidate and make her afraid. Also, we have said it before and we’ll say it again — alcohol is never an excuse.

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