Pregnancy in Abusive Relationships: Legal Action

Pregnancy in Abusive Relationships: Legal Action

We understand that break ups are hard, and they’re even more difficult when someone is pregnant. If you’re pregnant and find yourself wanting to leave an abusive relationship, we’ll discuss two legal steps you can take silhouette of a pregnant girlthat can be immensely helpful to expecting women.

We were lucky enough to talk to Tonya Turner, the Senior Staff Attorney at our partner Break the Cycle, about legal actions pregnant women take while leaving an abusive relationship.

Protective orders, or restraining orders, are the first step because they can keep you safe from the abuser immediately, as they restrict the targeted person from communicating with you.

Custody orders determine who has legal custody of the child at different times. These are something you want to get a head start on. Because custody orders can’t be filed until the child is born, preparing for the custody order hearings ahead of time is in the best interest of you and your child.

Remember that you should only take these steps if this is something you are ready for. Leaving an abusive relationship is dangerous, and even more so when you’re pregnant. For more info about protective orders, tune in tomorrow for an entire blog post dedicated to them, and look for a custody orders post later this week.

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