Rihanna showing courage and poise as she tells her story

Rihanna showing courage and poise as she tells her story

rihanna-interview_lWe are seeing a third media frenzy over the Chris Brown and Rihanna story. This time, the world is seeing a poised and courageous Rihanna talk about a very confusing and painful time in her life. She is still trying to sort it out for herself.

One thing she has realized is that young girls are watching her and taking her actions seriously. In the Good Morning America interview, she said she could not take that “lightly.”

You may have noticed that some stories refer to her story as domestic violence and others as dating violence. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. Rihanna was hurt by a man who said he loved her. It was not her fault. It was his choice.

We will continue to see more of this story in the news as we all try to understand how this could have happened. It is a good discussion to have. Thank you, Rihanna for your willingness to share with us.

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  1. I’d like to see schools teaching classes on Domestic Violence. It is still rampant in this country. We need to get our young children educated on what is healthy love and the red flags that can be the preludes to domestic violence. We should be starting in the Middle School age children. We also need to teach children to tell about bullying everytime it happens. And our schools need to address bullying in a strong,important, and consistant manner. Bullying is a prelude to domestic violence or a by-product of it possibly being in the home.

  2. We do have classes that teach about Healthy Life Choices in schools. They fall under Family and Consumer Sciences classes. The thing is that these classses are not required. But as a Family and Consumer Science teacher. We have been pushing for years the importance of our [email protected] King

  3. even THOE chris……blahblahblahblah. PLEASE!
    don’t say that and be proud about it. You can still love him but he deserved the consequences.

  4. i think what chris brown did to rihanna was wrong but we all should get over it. we actually don’t know want really happen b/c we were there and i am not sticking up for chris brown or rihanna because chris brown really did the wrong thing to beat up on rihanna instead of solving it in a different way. and istead of rihanna finally coming out and saying how she feels and what all happened. she have done that before when all this stuff happen.people look up to both of them and r just sattin a bad example for them. i still love chris brown and rihanna but all this stuff is old news. give my man( chris brown) a break.

  5. I truley belive this wasn’t planed we are all human neither one of them would have never have belived this could have happen to them. it’s wrong and as a women we can make someone come to us but as a man you should know.As you grow these are the things in life you find in yourself trust can’t know one tell you nothing as your growing you truley have to find out on your own,and as a lesson learned i would say you guys please lay off belive me there are things that we are not proud of that we may have done yeah i know were not in the lime light but ask yourself what if it was you they are both embaress and this needs to stop ONLY GOD IS PERFECT RESPECT&LOVE THEM BOTH AS YOU WOULD LOVE &RESPECT YOURSELF AS IF IT WAS YOU!! IT’S LIFE IT HAPPENS(WE ALL SHARE CONSEQUNCES) PEACE

  6. Terran,
    Chris has an opportunity to seek help and recognize his responsibility in harming another person. It is wrong to willing hurt another person and it is even more heinous when we hurt the people we love.

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