The Roommates’ Rumblings

The Roommates’ Rumblings

A few scenes later, Heather and Dustin are shown talking about the Nany and Adam situation. Heather says that she thinks Nany is too mature for Adam and Dustin chimes in that he thinks Adam has growing up to do. Dustin then admits that he’s nervous about this relationship.

“You want to know what I’m worried about? I’m worried about Adam getting angry, and getting drunk and going nuts over Nany… I’m just trying to predict the future.”

Dustin is not off base. After all, an episode before, Adam’s aggressive behavior got him kicked out of a bar and warranted a warning from his boss.

LIR’s Take: Here’s our first view of the roommates feeling uneasy about this couple. We were happy to see they cared enough to talk about it. If you have friends that you think are harmful to one another, start the dialogue with your group about what can be done.

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