Spring Break Jealousy

Spring Break Jealousy

A week of ultimate freedom from school and responsibility. A week full of sunshine and away from fluorescent lights. It’s time for spring break.. As this divine gift of a week rolls around, those of us in relationships guy laying in the grassmay find ourselves trying to plan out the week in relation to what our partner is doing. Sometimes jealous feelings can arise when plans don’t mesh together, and you find yourselves not together during spring break. One partner travels to a faraway place and the other stays behind, creating a natural atmosphere of jealousy in the relationship.

Jealousy can come from many things. Mainly it comes from a lack of strong trust in a relationship. Here are some tips about how to keep those jealous feelings away from the relationship:

Talk it out.
Simply communicating about what you’re both comfortable with while you’re apart during the week can be an effective way of alleviating some of the jealousy. By having positive communication, you both will have a more trusting attitude about what the other is doing. Also, talk about when and how you will communicate during your time apart so that you both enter the week with the same expectations. When speaking with them, let them know that you miss them and wish you were with them, but constant reminders of this may lessen your partner’s enjoyment on their trip.

Use your support group.
Hang out with your friends during the week. We hardly get to see our friends during the week outside of school, so take advantage of your freedom. After all, it is spring break. This can also be precious family bonding time. It may not seem like it at the time, but a few hours during spring break can produce great memories and connections with your family and friends.

Try and have fun.
Spring break is a time to fight off the stress of school. Take time to relax and genuinely enjoy yourself. While it’s okay to want to know what your partner is doing when you’re not together, it’s not healthy to think about it so much that it negatively affects your life. One jealous thought can lead to another and it makes it hard to enjoy your vacation. So kick back and relax, get outside and get active or catch up on some sleep. Just make sure you’re having fun.

Have trust in your relationship.
As the week progresses, pictures might show up on Facebook of your partner with other guys or girls. A sign of a truly healthy relationship would be if you talked it out with your partner instead of assuming the worst. The same goes for if your partner doesn’t text or call you when they said they would. Have trust that your partner isn’t sneaking around behind your back until you can talk to them about the feelings you’re having.

Remember that spring break doesn’t have to be a bad week if you are going to be separated from your partner. While it might be better if you were together, the week itself is designed to be fun and relaxing. Remember that and don’t let the trust in your relationship deteriorate. If you feel the need to let them know how much you miss them, but don’t want to crowd them while they’re on vacation, try writing a letter with all your thoughts and feelings in it and giving it to them when they return.

Feel like your partner doesn’t trust you? Having jealousy issues of any type? Call us, chat with us or text us and we can talk about it 24/7.

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