Springing Into a New Relationship

Springing Into a New Relationship

They don’t call it a spring fling for nothing. There’s something about the change in season that makes us ready for something new, including relationships. If you’re beginning to see someone new this spring, we havepeople sitting under trees in bloom some reminders of how to keep your situation — casual or serious — healthy and positive.


It is important that you and your partner are able to talk openly together and that both of you are comfortable expressing your opinions. This comfort comes when you have established trust, and that trust can only be gained through respect.


Being respectful of your partner’s ideas, feelings and opinions is extremely important. Even though you and your partner have a lot in common, you’re also going to have some differences. Try to remember that just because you don’t agree with what they’re saying, doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.


Conflicts are a natural part of any relationship. You aren’t always going to agree with your partner, so you’ll sometimes have to compromise. It’s important to learn how to resolve your conflicts in a respectful and productive way.


Encourage and reassure your partner and let them know when you need comfort. Healthy relationships are about lifting each other up. Sometimes support means giving your partner space when she or she asks. Give your partner what he/she needs while making sure you’re comfortable too.


Just because you’re dating doesn’t mean that you have to share everything constantly. Individual space is important to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship with your partner. This especially applies to social media passwords. They don’t need access to your Facebook to like/love you.

Setting boundaries

Sitting down and setting relationship boundaries will help you and your partner understand what each of you wants. Boundaries shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable and they are not a sign of secrecy or untrustworthiness. You should let your partner know what you are comfortable with and what you expect form them during your relationship.

Learn from your mistakes.

We aren’t saying that you should hold your new partner accountable for your ex’s actions or habits. This is a new relationship with new players. But, if you look back and realize that you weren’t communicating successfully with your ex, then you might want to try to improve your communication skills.

Good luck with your something new. Let us know if you have questions about the health of your relationship.

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