Summer Fling—Still Working?

Summer Fling—Still Working?

Summer romances can be fun. Maybe you finally got together with your school crush just before school ended or maybe you met someone while away at summer camp. Summer temperatures are only getting hotter, but have you checked the temperature on your relationship lately? Here’s a little quiz from us here at loveisrespect to make sure things are still going swimmingly.

Ten Check-In Questions

  • Does he check up on you constantly to see who you’re with and where you are?
  • Did she get pissed when you went bowling with your friends instead of to see the new X-Men movie with her?
  • Does she stop by your summer job to ask your coworkers when your next shift is?
  • Did he get jealous at you after hearing that you went to a party at a guy friend’s house on Friday?
  • Do you feel like he’d rather get physical with you than have a conversation or go out somewhere together?
  • Does she pick fights over small things that are out of your control?
  • Does he tell you that you can’t wear your new swimsuit to the pool because it’s too revealing?
  • Does he talk sweet to you in front of his friends, but make you feel bad about yourself when you’re alone with him?
  • Does she log into your Facebook account or read your texts behind your back?
  • Does he start play-fights with you and when it gets too rough and you ask him to stop, he doesn’t?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to talk to your partner about how it made you feel. It’s important to be able to recognize red flags in a relationship so that you and your partner can be happy and healthy together.

Feeling unsure about one of your answers? Call us and we’ll talk you through it. Have you noticed other red flags, maybe in a friend’s relationship, that we didn’t mention?

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