Top 10 TV Couples to Watch: Part 2

Top 10 TV Couples to Watch: Part 2

After making you wait four days in antagonizing anticipation, we’re delivering the second part of the Top Ten TV couples to watch list. These are five of the most interesting, funniest and healthiest relationships portrayed on TV today.

These are actors on a screen, though, not real life relationships. You shouldn’t hold yourself to their standards or try to mirror their relationships. Remember that healthy relationships are built around good communication and trust.

6. Booth and Bones (Bones)

booth and bones












Booth and Bones share a close moment in a museum (Photo: fox.com)

Fans of these two have waited seven years to see these two together. After dancing around each other, sharing flirtatious moments and even kisses, the newest season of the show reveals the two of them happily together with Bones pregnant. These two make sure to always protect one another. In a literal sense, Booth has taken a bullet for Bones to protect her. They also support each other emotionally. Because of the line of work they’re in, this happens quite often, which builds tension that leads to their eventual relationship. These two understood their boundaries before they were in a relationship and formed a close friendship first, which helps with being together now.

7. Jenna and Paul (30 Rock)

jenna and paul













Jenna and Paul sing together in matching attire (Photo: nbc.com)

And so it was that Jenna fell in love with her celebrity-impersonating, cross-dressing male counterpart. It just so happens that Paul likes to cross dress as Jenna. Relationships and love really know no bounds. Paul and Jenna’s relationship is fun to watch in many ways, but it also proves that relationships can form in many different ways. Every relationship is unique, but none are quite so unique as Jenna and Paul’s attraction to one another. These two are always talking about boundaries and their feelings, conveying extremely healthy tones. They also are always consensual about any step forward they take. Recently the two decided to go on a “sexual walkabout”, but only after agreeing that it’s what they both wanted to do.

8. Callie and Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

callie and arizona getting married









Newlyweds Callie and Arizona smile after sharing their first kiss as a wedded couple (Photo: abc.com)

Though their relationship hasn’t always been perfect – they’ve spent just about as much time apart as they have together – but they always find their way back to each other in the end.  Although now married, the two struggled with the prospect of having children and living together. Their problems put aside, ‘Calzona’, as their fans affectionately call them, can call Callie’s child with Mark ‘theirs.’ They both balance the demanding jobs of working in a hospital with maintaining a healthy relationship. They also helped each other get over their jealousy issues with former partners, which can help a relationship tremendously. They’ve spoken about their fears and hopes for the future, giving them both a clear idea of where the relationship is headed and at what speed.

9. Leonard and Penny (Big Bang Theory)

penny and leonard









Leonard uses his usual wit against Penny while hanging out for the first time after breaking up (Photo: cbs.com)

The phrase ‘opposites attract’ was never truer than it is with Leonard and Penny. In the past, they have shown excellent honesty about how they feel about everything. When Leonard decides to try and fit in with Penny’s football friends, they are both very aware that Leonard doesn’t like football at all, but wants to try and watch it anyway. They always try exciting, new things together, giving the relationship a sense of adventure. Leonard and Penny share their first kiss at a costume party that Leonard was initially reluctant to go to. They share another kiss at their date at the shooting range (the firing of a gun does interrupt them). These two are adorable together and we hope to see more of them in the future.


10. Lady Rainicorn and Jake (Adventure Time)

 lady rainicorn and jake

Princess Bubblegum, Finn, Ice King and Jake(left to right) all sit around enjoying Beemo’s many features (Photo: Cartoon Network)

Their love of the viola bonds them together. Jake and Lady have a rich history of enjoying one another’s company in this cartoon show that has taken off. One can’t help but thing of young love in it’s finest form when hearing stories of Lady and Jake running through a farmer’s field together. They also have an adequate amount of time apart when Jake goes on his adventures with Finn. Lady never calls him out for it, because he makes time for Lady and his friends. These two learn about each other’s pasts, which helps them feel more connected to one another, creating a splendidly healthy relationship and the only cartoon couple on our list.


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