Top 10 TV Couples to Watch: Part One [Update]

Top 10 TV Couples to Watch: Part One [Update]

Last year, we picked our 10 favorite TV couples and highlighted the healthiest aspects of their relationships. A lot can change in a year. Just as in real life, relationships will have their ups and downs and take a lot of work to remain healthy. Let’s see how our top 5 couples have evolved over the past year.

Keep in mind that these are television couples. They aren’t a model for how relationships should be or anything you should strive to be like if that’s not what you want. We just want your relationship to be healthy.

Now presenting our top 10 TV couples(drum roll please):

1. Jim and Pam (The Office)

Jim and Pam with their first child
Jim and Pam with Cecilia, they’re first child (Photo: nbc.com)

The affection these two showed each other before they were ever officially a couple set up one of the healthiest romances on TV. Now happily married with two children, Jim and Pam have built a relationship based on trust and mutual support, no matter what crazy antics their office mates start. When Pam leaves Dunder-Mifflin to work for the Michael Scott Paper Company, Jim fully supports her decision and loves that she became a saleswoman. The two also maintain a playful relationship, which keeps them comfortable and happy and they are great at listening to each other. We wish many more years of happy marriage to these two.

Update: The past year has been rocky for Jim and Pam. Communication has gone downhill, with Jim getting involved with a company based in Philadelphia without discussing with Pam. On the other hand Pam does not tell Jim she’s feeling overwhelmed and unhappy having to take care of the kids by herself while he’s away. There for awhile it seemed as one of our favorite couples were going to call it quits, but in the end, both decide the relationship is the most important thing in their lives and will do what it takes to continue to make it work.

The two show us that even healthy relationships can hit rough spots if one or both people stop working at it. There’ll be times you have to make sacrifices – and when your partner will have to – but as long as the relationship remains driven by equality and respect it will last.

2. Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Kurt and Blaine
Kurt and Blaine dancing at prom (Photo: fox.com)

These two have formed a relationship that is uniquely theirs on television. Their angsty, teenage relationship has blossomed over the past two seasons of the show and they can often be seen holding hands or on dates at The Lima Bean. These two are supportive of each other, especially when it comes to singing, something they are both passionate about. Singing together or apart, they are very supportive of the other’s pursuit of performance. Their mutual interest in singing has bonded them in a way that only sharing a passion can bond people.

Update: This couple has also had a shakey year filled with separation, cheating, break-ups and forgiveness.  After a rough year, the two are still convinced they are each other’s soul mates, there’s even talk of marriage.

Kurt and Blaine show us that even in the healthiest relationships when trust is broken, it’s difficult to gain it back, but if it’s what both of you truly want, it’s possible. It will just take a lot of hard work and forgiveness from both people.

3. Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

lily and marshall
Lily and Marshall as C-3PO and R2-D2 (Photo: cbs.com)


Love birds since college, these two have been making us say “Aww” since the very beginning of the show. Couples try to be as fun to watch as these two, but try as they might, Lily and Marshall take the cake when it comes to being odd, yet cute. Lily and Marshall always talk about everything. Their great communication is what keeps their relationship strong. We see in one episode that Marshall and Lily tell each other what they had to eat at the end of each day. Small talk like this as well as having more serious conversations (i.e. buying a house) holds them together. These two are also there for each other through rough patches. When Marshall’s father dies, Lily’s there. When Lily’s dad makes an unwanted reappearance, Marshall’s there.

Update: Even with the stress of a new baby, Lily and Marshall use their communication skills to work through their problems and are still going strong. They remind us that a solid foundation can help a couple through almost anything together.



4. Leslie and Ben (Parks and Recreation)

leslie and ben
Ben and Leslie stand backstage at a promotional event for the campaign (Photo: nbc.com)

A relationship that goes beyond campaign manager and candidate, these two have one of the greatest relationships around. Just try not grinning when these two engage in their silly, playful dialogue. Leslie and Ben give us a romantic and wonderfully healthy relationship. They encourage the other’s endeavors, Ben by telling Leslie she should run in the elections and Leslie by telling Ben he should do something he’s passionate about and that’s cool instead of being her campaign manager. Knope and Wyatt get our vote for one of the healthiest couples around.

Update: Over the past year, these two have taken their relationship to the next level and got married. They are still supportive as ever of each other and keep our vote as one of the healthiest couples around.




5. Mary and Matthew (Downton Abbey)

mary and matthew
Mary and Matthew share a dance (Photo: PBS)

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the latest season finale, do not, I repeat, do not read ahead. Viewers of this show might still be letting out a long sigh of relief due to Matthew’s recent proposal to Mary. It was highly anticipated and with good reason. These two were the “will they/won’t they” couple of England, and we’re happy to see them engaged. These two have kindled a classic romance, the likes of which we sometimes forget used to exist. They give each other enough space to feel comfortable, which is something that can never be taken for granted. They took their relationship slow, setting their own speed for the relationship. Even when they weren’t together, they were respectful of the other’s partner at the time. These two exude healthiness and happiness.

Update: We finally see these two marry, overcome struggles with getting pregnant and have their first child. Unfortunately, after all this time, Matthew dies an untimely death in a car accident on his way to tell the family the good news. We’ll be watching to see how Mary reacts and handles relationships as one of England’s most eligible women.

Has your relationship had its ups and downs? What got you through those rough spots?

If you’re not sure what to do about your relationship, one of our advocates are here to help. Call, chat or text 22522 24/7.

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