When Courting Gets Creepy

When Courting Gets Creepy

A lot of us want to know: was Jim Carrey being creepy or funny when he sent Emma Stone his video love letter? In case you’ve missed the story, a video circulated yesterday in which Jim Carrey declared his love for Easy A actress, Emma Stone, saying that if he was a lot younger, he’d love to have, “chubby little freckle-faced kids” with her, and went on to describe their imaginary future in his mind.

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNqnjHrRscs

Today, Huffington Post ran an article declaring it a joke, and yet, there are still a lot of people waiting to laugh.

It didn’t phase the actress who re-posted the video on her official website and teased, “I was a huge Jim Carrey fan. Now I’m not sure if I should be flattered, or seek an order for protection? lol” Stone later said she knew it wasn’t serious, and tried to calm her fans who admitted they were freaked out for her.

All kidding aside, we at loveisrespect think this brings up a good topic: what is healthy courting? Pretend for a moment that we’re not talking about two comedians. What if these were two normal people, and the person being pursued didn’t want the attention?

What rights do we have when we’re being approached?

Healthy dating extends to the pre-dating period too. You always have the right to feel comfortable in ANY dating-related situation.

Have you ever heard someone say that they “wore down” someone by constantly pursuing them? That’s not healthy. When a person says no to a romantic advancement, they deserve to be heard. Someone who continually keeps at it when the attention isn’t wanted is ignoring the boundaries of the other person. When you ignore someone’s boundaries, you’re not allowing them to have control over their situation.

Playing hard to get is one thing. Playing “please-stop-calling me” is another.

If you’re the one who is being chased, know that you’re completely within your rights to tell the other person to stop. Talk to them seriously about it, so that they know how much it’s affecting you.

If the situation is going too far, you have the right to get help. Being harassed online? Report the person to Facebook. Hit the Report/Block option on the left hand side underneath their profile picture, or defriend them. Many other sites, like youtube, have a “report” function too. You can always tell a teacher, a parent, an RA, a coach, etc. Or call us and we’ll talk about options. Constant unwanted courting is borderline stalking. You deserve to feel safe.

We’re not saying Jim Carrey is stalking Emma Stone. We’re saying that if Stone felt unsafe, she would be completely in her right to do something about it. Just like you do if you’re ever caught in that situation.

What’s your take on this story? Have you ever been caught in the crossfire of attraction gone creepy?

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  1. Just FYI, the youtube link is no longer available. I missed the story when it happened, so wanted to check it out. When you try to access the link it flashes a message that it is unavailable due to copyright issues claim by Jim Carey. Disappointing this has occured – he was one of the ‘good guys’ in my mind.

  2. Also, Emma Stone probably might have a boyfriend her age and he could get very violent with Jim Carrey. It sounds like he’s making her cheat on her boyfriend.

  3. jim carrey has started to kinda scare me….i would be freaked out if he told me he wanted to have kids with me….and by the way jim carrey, not many of us are laughing.

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