Who Calls Loveisrespect?

Who Calls Loveisrespect?

We here at loveisrespect love taking your phone calls and chats. We answer calls and chats 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our calls and chats are coming in from all over the country and the concerns of the callers and chatters are as diverse as they are. We hear from just about everyone: a teenage girl not sure if her boyfriend’s pressure to get physical is normal, a mother concerned about her son’s constant texting to his girlfriend, even callers who are just a tad uncomfortable with their partner’s behavior and aren’t sure what to do about it. Many times, we are cautiously asked by the caller or chatter, “Do I have the right number? Is this what you guys do?”

We’d like to take this post to answer that for you.


Here are some of our most common callers and chatters:

  • Parents of someone in an abusive relationship– Yes, even parents need a little help sometimes, especially when they suspect their son or daughter is in an abusive relationship. This can be just as frightening for the parent as it is for the child. Often, the most common parental weapons are counterproductive: grounding a child or forbidding them from seeing their partner makes the teen defend their abusive partner, as well as shuts down the lines of communication with the parent(s). We here at loveisrespect can help you figure out the best next step to take with your child.
  • Friends of someone in an abusive relationship– Friends know the fastest way to each others’ hearts, and may be the first to notice a red flag. Having a circle of supportive friends around can make all the difference for someone leaving an abusive relationship, even if it’s as simple as walking a friend to class to make sure their abusive partner doesn’t approach them. It’s not too late to be the non-judgmental listener your friend needs- call us and we can help show you how.
  • Someone wondering if their relationship is abusive-We get this all the time. Unfortunately a myth persists in our society that your partner has to physically hit you for the relationship to be considered abusive. This is just not the case- abuse can take so many forms. We are constantly educating our callers about healthy dating behavior, and what it feels like to be in a healthy dating relationship. It’s okay to not be sure- relationships are hard. Sometimes, you just need an objective listener who can sort through your feelings with you.
  • An abusive partner-We have a lot of resources for callers and chatters who think their own behavior is hurting their partner. First of all, making the call and taking that first step is a huge leap toward changing your behavior. All of our advocates have been trained to take these calls and are more than comfortable helping an abusive partner find resources and talk through strategies to change their behavior.
  • Someone leaving an abusive relationship-It takes, on average, seven to eight attempts to leave an abusive partner. No one can do it alone. We help a lot of relationship abuse survivors come up with a safety plan to help keep them safe and brainstorm strategies to keep them from going back to their abusive partner. We can easily dig through our database to find a free or low-cost counselor, someone to go to for legal advice or even some books to read about moving on after a difficult break up. Remember, we are here for you and the resources you need may be right at our fingertips.
  • Someone just not sure about healthy dating behavior-Not everyone has had the privilege to grow up around healthy relationships. In today’s world, everyone has questions sometimes. Reality television programs do not always model how to practice respect in a relationship. If you see our number on MTV or Channel One and are just wondering what healthy dating means, go ahead and call us. We have a lot of resources that we would be more than happy to give you.

These are just our most common callers; no worries if you don’t fall under one of these categories or if you fit more than one. The truth is, any call that is concerned with relationships is a good call for us at loveisrespect. Let us know if we can answer a question you have. Call or chat anytime.

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