Why I don’t feel like dancing to Chris Brown’s music

Why I don’t feel like dancing to Chris Brown’s music

story_granderson_afpgiThere is a great opinion article on CNN.com concerning Domestic Violence. LZ Granderson, who is a senior writer and columnist for ESPN wrote a piece on why he can’t bring himself to listen to Chris Brown’s music. The article gives awesome insight in to why it may be hard to move on from the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna incident and is truly thought provoking. Click here to check out the article.

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  1. when is everybody going to get over their slef and quit talking about chris brown. i still listen to his music and i think nothing is wrong with him. he is a human being like all of us.and everybody makes mistakes.let him put that in the past and let him move on with his life without drama. if you don’t want to listen to chris brown’s music than don’t listen to it and keep it to your self. chris brown will always be my babe. and i truly think he is srry for what he done.

  2. I personally like chris brown’s music. He’s a great singer. What he did to rihanna was wrong. But that’s his personal life and I dont think that his fame should have been involved. Rihanna gained fame and I dnt think that was right. I still listen to his music and I would dance to it but most of his music isn’t the dancing type LOL.

  3. personally i think chris brown really truely is srry i know he did was wrong but dat life build a bridge and get over it

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