You Can Make a Difference – Seriously!

You Can Make a Difference – Seriously!

picture of hannaBy www.loveisrespect.org Youth Advisory Board Member, Hanna Munin

Do you remember what you did on February 16th, 2012? Was it a day that stood out to you? It stood out to me. It was a day that I had an assembly at my high school, Saint Michael’s Catholic Academy in Austin, Texas, in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

At this assembly, a supervisor from loveisrespect, Katherine, and myself talked to the juniors and seniors at my school about healthy relationships. We talked about red flags and types of abuse and other basics to dating abuse, which is a subject that most teens don’t like to think about, let alone talk about. But by introducing the topic to my peers, it not only taught students something new about healthy relationships, but also helped them to evaluate relationships they are or have been in and evaluate if they were as healthy as they should be.

It was nerve racking for myself to get the courage to talk about something this serious in front of my classmates, but being an advocate and a member of the youth advisory board for loveisrespect, I knew it was something that ultimately would benefit my school. With the help of my co-workers at loveisrespect and my school guidance counselor, this was put together and was ultimately a success.

Also at my school, we had a Go Purple day for TDVAPM in which students and faculty members were encouraged to wear purple, and on that day there was a sea of purple at my school. That was something that was so great to see because it showed that it is little things that bring awareness to dating violence and ultimately work to end dating abuse.

This experience is one that I will always remember and I hope encourages others to go out there and do something to raise awareness about dating abuse at your own school. It seems scary at first, but believe me it is all worth it. The fact of the matter is that by talking about dating abuse with my students, those students will be in healthy relationships in the future, which is something that will help to bring an end to dating abuse. So don’t be scared! Go out there and make a difference!

Hanna Munin is a member of the National Youth Advisory Board for www.loveisrespect.org and lives in Austin, TX. Hanna loves hanging around downtown and working in a jog on the trails around town or rowing with her crew team on Lady Bird Lake. She has been a volunteer with www.loveisrespect.org since February of 2010 and enjoys her time there helping to spread the message on dating abuse. Throughout her entire experience there, she says she has come to realize how important it is for the community to come together and stop dating abuse. Hanna wants others to know that together we can make a difference.

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