“You Don’t Deserve This”

“You Don’t Deserve This”

Dustin enters the room when he hears the commotion. He orders all of the girls out and especially guides Nany away, saying, “You don’t need to put yourself in this situation!” Dustin walks back into Adam’s room and is surprised to see Nany walk by a minute later. When Adam calls Nany an obscenity, Nany starts yelling back, running at Adam’s room. Dustin intervenes, physically moves Nany to another room and starts pleading with her to stay away, reassuring her that she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Naomi and Heather join him in comforting and corralling her, when Nany tells them all that she’s not afraid because she’s been punched by a guy before.

The roommates are shocked. In a confessional shot, a stunned Dustin says, “She was abused.” A cut to Naomi’s interview shows her responding to the news and saying, “I don’t care if you’ve been hit millions of times, like, you do not deserve this at all.”

As the action unfolds, Nany continues to say that she doesn’t care, she’s been hit before, and the roommates keep telling her that her past abuse doesn’t make it right. Dustin tries to get through to her and says, “You have people in this house right now who won’t let this happen.”

After continuous positive messaging and reassurances that they would keep her safe, the roommates calm down Nany. She then becomes upset that she told the housemates her secret that she had an abusive past. She asks them never to talk about it.

Leroy returns to the house much later and finds Adam’s wreckage. “That’s what I thought, that’s exactly what I thought,” he says when he figures out who caused the mess.

“I don’t even want to sleep here tonight, I’m so fed up with Adam,” he tells the camera. “Can’t nothing get through to this kid, you know that. Send his a—home man, can’t help nobody who don’t want to be helped.”

LIR’s Take: We were moved by how the roommates responded to the incident, especially how they protected Nany. We felt like the male roommates really stepped up, especially Dustin, and spoke out against the violence in the house. We also applaud Naomi and Heather for providing the emotional support Nany needed and by continually reassuring her that she deserved better.

Dustin was the first to make a stand and do something about what he was witnessing. We’ve talked on this site before about the ability of one person to mobilize a group. Here, we saw that in action. It’s easier to speak out about what’s right when someone gets it going first. If you witness violence, speak up and be heard by those around you.

We also thought the show’s portrayal of this incident was refreshing. Often when a TV show portrays abuse, they focus on the actions of the abuser. This time, the camera and the story followed the victim so that the attention was on her reaction. We feel that this allows us to experience the aftermath of the incident from the victim’s perspective, which can all help us learn about the emotional rollercoaster that occurs as a result of abuse.

We wish Nany healing and we hope that Adam learns to handle to anger in a non-physical way. We are very curious to see if Adam will get to stay in the house or if the roommates will demand that he leaves.

MTV has also posted about his incident.

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