Is Your Relationship Going for the Gold?

Is Your Relationship Going for the Gold?

The 2012 Summer Olympics are well under way, and we think you should have a chance to get in on the fun. Just as Olympic athletes carefully train for their moment in the spotlight, we can train ourselves to be healthy in how we treat our partners. For athletes, it’s sweat, tears and endless hours at the gym. For those in healthy relationships, it’s meaningful communication, patience and understanding. See if your relationship is going for the gold by checking your behaviors with the list below:

  1. Do you treat your partner with respect?
  2. Do you make fun of things they like or want to do?
  3. Do you put your partner down?
  4. Do you get angry if they spend time with friends or family?
  5. Do you listen to their ideas and comprise sometimes?
  6. Are you excessively negative?
  7. Do you share some of your interests such as movies, sports, reading, dancing or music?
  8. Are you afraid to share your thoughts and feelings?
  9. Are you comfortable around your partner’s friends and family?
  10. Are you proud of your partner’s accomplishments and successes?


  1. (Yes = +2, No, = -2)
  2.  (Yes = 0, No = +1)
  3.  (Yes = 0, No = +1)
  4.  (Yes = 0, No = +1)
  5.  (Yes = +1, No = 0)
  6.  (Yes = 0, No = +1)
  7.  (Yes = +1, No = 0)
  8.  (Yes = 0, No = +1)
  9.  (Yes = +1, No = 0)
  10.  (Yes = +1, No = 0)

Did you score over 5? If so, you’re on your way to a golden (healthy) relationship! If you scored less than 5, consider changing your behavior so that you treat your partner with respect. See What Should I Look For In a Boy/Girlfriend to learn more.

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