Is Your Valentine Right for You?

Is Your Valentine Right for You?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you have a fun day and are reminded that you are special in many people’s lives. You may be excited to show someone special that happy valentine's dayyou’re thinking of them. On this day that celebrates love and all things romantic, take a second and ask yourself — is your Valentine is right for you?

These questions can help you decide if your love is meant to be:

  • Does your partner respect your individuality? Does he/she encourage you to do your own thing?
  • Does your partner respect your privacy?
  • Does your partner respect your time with family and friends?
  • Does your partner make you feel good about yourself, instead of insulting you or putting you down? Does he/she compliment you? Does he/she support your dreams and goals?
  • Can you communicate your feelings without being afraid of negative consequences?
  • Do you feel safe being open and honest?
  • Does your partner support you and your choices, even when they disagree with out?

Being in love is beautiful and wonderful and fun — especially when it’s with the right person.

This Valentine’s Day take a second to evaluate your partner and make sure that they are who you want to be with. It’s OK if they aren’t, and if that’s the case then you can check out our helpful tips to make a break up go over smoothly.

Remember: you deserve to be loved and respected by someone who makes you feel appreciated. So, do Cupid a favor and make sure you’re with the right person on Valentine’s Day.

We have Valentine’s to give you. Print these below and share them with your friends.

Click here for the printable Valentine’s Day cards. 

Click here for images to attach in an email to your sweetheart. 

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