Results for Healthy Relationship Polls

Which of the following options would you consider to be a warning sign of dating abuse?

You were correct! We received 281 votes and 247 votes were spot on. The answer is—All of the above! But why? 

Here at loveisrespect, we talk with many people who have misconceptions about what is and isn’t okay in a relationship. It is understandable that there may be some confusion, because there are a lot of incorrect messages out there regarding what a healthy relationship should look like. Many unhealthy behaviors are romanticized, and people may believe that jealous, controlling behaviors just mean their partner is extra passionate about them. We’re here to squash these myths! It’s never okay for your partner to embarrass you in public, to get jealous of you spending time with friends or family, or to feel they should have access to your passwords or social media accounts. These behaviors are warning signs to abuse. A healthy relationship is made up of respect, trust, safety, and support.  

Have questions about this poll or about your relationship? Reach out to a loveisrespect advocate via phone, online chat, or text 24/7. Also, on Monday, February 11, we will be hosting a Facebook Live event to dive deeper into this concept with loveisrespect advocates. They’ll be available to provide even more education about healthy relationships and live answer questions at 1:00 PM CST. We hope to see you there! 

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