Relationships & cultural context

Relationships look different depending on the community and cultural context you’re living in. While dating abuse takes many forms and can affect anyone and everyone, the ways in which it does so may differ depending on your circumstances.

Particularly in the United States—a country with broad existing inequities on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, education, and any number of other identifications—certain people may face greater risks of experiencing abuse.

Remember to consider your individual circumstances when deciding how best to respond to abuse.

Text, call, or chat with us 24/7 to talk through your situation anonymously and identify next steps.

Learn more about relationships in various cultural contexts by exploring the topics below. This information is just a start — there’s a lot more to understanding abuse in different settings than what’s depicted here, and a lot more different settings in which to understand abuse.

Even if your specific situation isn’t depicted below, many of the warning signs of abuse and other cultural dynamics may have similarities to abuse in your community.

Note: is also available in Spanish. Contact services through the The Hotline are available in over 200 languages.

Relationship abuse can impact anyone.

Explore relationships in different cultural contexts.

Is your relationship healthy?