Green flags in relationships

People love to talk about the red flags that come up in a relationship. Which makes sense! Many partners who abuse are good at manipulating feelings and experiences to make it seem like they are not that bad. Red flags are often warning signs that a relationship could end up being unhealthy or even abusive. However, it is also important to recognize green flags in relationships, as these are signs that your future relationship is healthy, positive, and headed in the right direction.

We use the term “green flag” to highlight actions or traits that are positive. These are usually signs that someone has healthy behaviors, which can be a good sign that your potential relationship will start off positively and hopefully stay that way.

Every relationship looks different. For some people, consistent communication is necessary, while others are okay with sporadic communication.  Ultimately, a relationship is healthy when everyone in the relationship feels that things are equal and meet both partner’s needs.

Some green flags in relationships to look for are:


You talk openly about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking, whether positive or negative. You are honest with each other and work to understand each person’s viewpoint. And you listen to one another! Healthy communication means that no one is afraid to bring up certain topics or issues.


You value each other’s opinions, feelings, and needs, even if they differ from your own. You give each other the freedom to be yourself and be loved for who you are.


You believe what your partner has to say and don’t feel the need to “prove” each other’s trustworthiness.


You tell each other the truth and don’t feel the need to hide things in the relationship.


You make decisions together and hold each other to the same standards. You and your partner have equal say about major decisions within the relationship. All partners have access to the resources they need.


You enjoy spending time apart, alone, or with others. You respect each other’s need for time and space apart. You communicate with each other about what you are and aren’t comfortable with. You also respect each person’s boundaries and do not violate them.


You talk openly about physical, sexual, and reproductive choices together. All partners always willingly consent to sexual activity and can safely discuss what you are and aren’t comfortable with.

We recognize that relationships may not be perfect at all times. People are dynamic creatures, so our emotions and needs may fluctuate depending on a variety of things, like how much sleep we’re getting, if we feel fulfilled in our lives, and if we are able to take care of ourselves. If you feel that the green flags listed above only happen occasionally, it is important to talk about it. Those conversations can help show if you and your partner are willing to grow and learn from past experiences, so you can continue to move forward in a healthy direction. Our advocates are here 24/7 through chat, text, or call, so reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. You can also take our healthy relationship quiz to see if your relationship is healthy or not!