Solo Dating and Self-Care: It’s Okay to Embrace Solitude

Self-care is taking the time to care for yourself in the best way for you. There’s no one way to practice it, and we can’t tell you what will work for you (though you can always contact us for some suggestions to get started). But is treating yourself to date night considered self-care?


Solo Dating
Solo Dating

According to many, the solo dating trend, aka  masterdating, a version of self-care and love that encourages you to embrace solitude.

What is solo dating?

Solo dating or masterdating is lavishing oneself with choice gifts, treats, and outings to establish a healthy sense of self-sufficiency before entering a serious relationship with someone else. Solo dating is an empowering journey of self-discovery where you learn to enjoy your own company before seeking companionship elsewhere. It’s a chance to cultivate self-love and independence while embracing the beauty of solitude.

What are the benefits of solo dating? 

Healthy relationships include time for yourself and your interests. Solo dating helps you navigate dating by beginning your journey with yourself first. Solo dates help you rediscover your wants and needs, which sets the foundation for a healthy relationship. If you haven’t been able to get to know yourself, your relationship with others can be affected by how you view and treat yourself.

Here are some of the benefits of solo dating and why you should try it:

Get to know yourself better

Solo dating helps you reconnect with yourself and your feelings, especially if you are experiencing dating fatigue. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and prioritize your relationship with yourself.

Understand your boundaries and preferences

Compromise and consent are essential in the foundation of healthy relationships. However, when you begin your solo dating journey, exploring your life on your terms without compromising can be freeing as you connect more deeply with yourself. This helps you determine your preferences and what you do and don’t like regarding relationships and your life.

Increased Sense of Self-care

Healthy relationships include time for yourself and your interests. Self-care means using the time you have to take the best care of yourself, whatever that looks like. Have fun and relax in a way that lets you feel free and happy.

Advice is available.

Finding ways to practice self-care or solo date can be simple, and you shouldn’t overthink it or get stressed trying to identify the right way to do it. Take a bubble bath, play a video game, paint your nails, watch a cat video, read a book, or focus on breathing for five minutes at a time. What’s important is that you take the time to do it. And remember, it’s okay to embrace solitude.

If you need assistance or suggestions on solo dating, contact love is respect advocate 24/7 by text, phone, or live chat.